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Olive Perry


An elegant + powerful dice roller with tools for some specific systems.

Dice Features

Witchdice can be used as a general purpose roller with easy-to-use but powerful rolling tools:

  • Modifiers ("1d20 + 4")
  • Negative dice ("1d20 - 2d6")
  • Min/max mode ("roll 4d6, keep the 2 highest")
  • Count mode ("roll 20d6, how many rolled 4 or higher?")
  • Custom die types ("roll 2d13")
  • Syncs rolls to witchdice.com and optionally mirrored to Discord via a bot.

It also includes a segment clock tool ("If these six segments fill, the alarm will sound.")

Lancer Character Sheet

Witchdice has a full-fledged combat character sheet for Lancer:

  • Imports characters from COMP/CON via json or share codes
  • Beautiful butterfly-inspired mech sheet layout
  • Action cheat sheet
  • Rolls weapon damage, including toggles for various abilities
  • GM encounter builder and NPC tracker
  • Broadcast the text of systems and weapons
  • See the HP, heat, and statuses of all other PCs in the squad


Create synced segment clocks (4, 6, 8, 10) that anyone in the room can edit, rename, or delete.


To open the options menu, click the gear icon in the extension's toolbar.

  • Show or hide the clock and Lancer character sheet tabs.
  • You can also disable notifications on new rolls.


If you need support for this extension you can email [email protected]. She's @jovialthunder on Twitter or Mastodon and messaging her there also works.

You can also follow her game development on itch.io or cohost.