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Ultimate Story Extension

  • Stats and Equipments, attributes and debuffs.
  • Categories and Details where you can set and arrange your classes, spells, skills, modules, clocks, projects, arcana's, etc. in a simple category parent and child relationship
  • Create prepared actions rolls for attacks, spells, skills, initiative, etc and send them to the chat for quick viewing
  • Any character sheet changes that occurs is synced with all other players in real time!
  • Search feature for both actions and skills for ease of use
  • Prepare GM characters that are simpler sheets that players won't be able to see
  • Save characters to carry them over to other scenes
  • Import or export characters to transfer to other owlbear accounts
  • You can also link and sync your character stats to owlbear notes so you can display them on stage

UI Kit

  • Use the UI kit to add more theme to your games!
  • Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MylP4_eH-fSpLs9FufgCIdCIPr__F4QH/view?usp=drive_link

Last Fable Extension Support

  • If you want to gain the full feature of prepared actions and sending skills to chat, use this extension along with the Ultimate fable extension (character sheet extension for fabula ultima)


If you need support for this extension you can reach me in discord Alyx (username: alyx323) Special thanks to kirachi and xio for testing!