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A timer extension that is synchronized with the room, so all people can see the countdown together and be alerted when time is up.

Table of Contents
  1. Getting Started
  2. Player View
  3. Whats that ding noise?
  4. Support

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Getting Started

1. Adjusting Time

Note: If you're on a tablet/phone, a long-press is the equivalent of a right-click. Except for like, Safari. To add time to the Timer, you can just press the Timer Buttons until it equals what you want. The buttons are..

  • 10S (Add or Subtract 10 seconds.)
  • 1M (Add or Remove 1 minute.)
  • 5M (Add or Remove 5 minutes.)
  • 10M (Add or Remove 10 minutes.) color view To remove time, it's the same process but Right Click. This will subtract the time from the total. Note: You can also add time to a Timer in progress the same way, by just clicking on one of the Timer Buttons.

2. Start / Pause / Reset Buttons

After you have put some time on the clock, now you can manipulate it to get things going. The buttons here are..

  • Pause : This will pause a timer that is currently going, allowing you to resume it with Play whenever you're ready.
  • Play : This will start a timer, and begin the countdown for everyone in the room.
  • Reset : This will clear the timer out, returning the clock to default and removing all countdowns. color view Note: To avoid hiccups, some buttons become disabled (turn red) when they aren't applicable. It's my way of guiding you to the right direction.

3. Visibility Toggle

This toggle allows you to hide the time remaining time from your players. It will instead just tell them that 'Time is running out'. color view

4. Timer Badge

Screen real-estate is a premium, and there isn't a huge reason to have Ticker! open all the time. So whenever you have the window minimized, it will instead update you in 5 second intervals on the action badge. Note: It also does this for players, with the exception that if Visibility is turned off it will instead just say 'Tick Tock' every 5 seconds to let them know the timer is running. color view

Player View

1. What the Player sees with Visibility On

When the timer is running, players will see the remaining time and a little hourglass animation. The action badge will display the time remaining also, if the action window is closed. color view

2. What the Player sees with Visibility Off

When the timer is running with Visibility turned off, a pulsing message of "Time is running out.." is displayed instead. The action badge will pop-up every five seconds, but only displaying "Tick tock..". color view

Whats that ding noise?

It's nothing, don't worry about it. 🥵


If you have questions, please join the Owlbear Rodeo Discord.

Or you can reach out to me at [email protected]. You can also support these projects at the Battle-System Patreon.

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