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Theatre! is a dialogue delivery tool themed to resemble your average JRPG dialogue box. It supports character portraits, paging and direct messages.

General Information

The Character Token finds all tokens on the Character and Mount layers - when a message is sent, it'll use their name and image.

The Override Name will let you put in a name for a token, in case the one already there is embarassing - or you want to add a little custom flair.

The Message Style control will change the shape of the resulting window. Dialogue is default chat, but Notice is more of a 'poster' size.

notice view

The Send To control let's you send a message directly to a player, or to everyone.

You can send messages in 'pages' (Like, click 'Next' for more) by seperating your message with ::

A 'play' button will appear and flash when there is more text to show.

A 'cross' button will appear and flash when text is complete.


If you have questions, please join the Owlbear Rodeo Discord.

And if you enjoy my work, I'm open to some support via Patreon. You can also track my work on extensions there.