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Battle-System & Armindo Flores

Smoke & Spectre!

The successor to Dynamic Fog of War! (This project was taken over with permission from Armindo Flores)

Smoke & Spectre! retains the same functionality as Dynamic Fog of War, but with improvements to the flow.

You can set the vision range of the players on the extension panel, as well as activate and deactivate the fog display.

The action panel can be used to enable vision for a token, set vision distance, turn on/off assisted snapping and 'Spectre' a token.

Token Ownership

Who can see what is now determined by the owner of the asset. (Be sure to set "Owner Only" in Player Permissions)

GM-OWNED - If a token is owned by the GM and has vision-enabled, all players can see it's vision. (Useful for torches or any kind of ambient light) PLAYER-OWNED - If a token is owned by a player, only they ( and the GM ) can see it's vision. For the GM, their is a ring around their vision radius the color of the player.

The view for the GM of the group, showing the colored vision radius of each player. gmview view

The view for Player-One, who can only see his token and two light-sources owned by the GM. druidview view

The view for Player-Two, who can only see his token and two light-sources owned by the GM. roboview view

Dynamic Fog Area

No longer is the fog area determined by the map. Smoke will create a dotted boundary where the fog is calculated (If this is accidentally deleted, just refresh and it'll come back). Make sure all of your obstructions/maps/areas where you plan to use fog are within this boundary. To increase it's size, you can type in a grid size in the action panel or just grab the boundary and stretch it.

Obstruction Tools

Snapping can be toggled on from the action panel. This will allow the obstruction lines to 'snap' to the gridlines of OBR when being placed. This snapping is seperate from Owlbear's snap, and can only be turned on/off from the action panel.

Spectre Tokens

Spectre is a new addition for creating interesting scenarios for your players. When a token is 'Spectred' it is removed as a regular item and replaced with a temporary item version of it. The item will show in your action panel under "Spectres!" and you can select which players are allowed to see it.

For instance, say one of your players has true-sight? You can 'Spectre' some tokens and select them to be able to see it.

Or you want a creepy scenario, and want to fill a room with ghosts - but only one player can see it so everyone thinks they're going mad? Spectre a bunch of tokens and fill the room with bodies!

The view of a GM that has 'Spectre'd a token named Spooky Ghost and let player 'Druidinger' see it. gmspectre2 view

The view of both players, but only player 'Druidinger' can actually see the spooky ghost. playerspectre2 view

Notes: Spectre uses a temporary version of items. These temporary items have no contextual menu options and are removed on page refresh.


Everything is always being improved, so click on the Info icon in the top right of the action panel to check on recent changes/bugfixes.


If you have questions, please join the Owlbear Rodeo Discord.