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This is a simple clock implementation that helps you track your in-game time and sync it with other players in the same room. For example, you can track travel time, crafting time, rest, etc.


You can edit the time directly by editing it in the text field, or by using the "Add" field and "Hours"/"Minutes" buttons. The time will be saved in room data. Only GM can edit the time. You can switch between 24-hour and 12-hour time format in the settings. You can save frequently-used time changes as presets by clicking heart icon.

"Calendar!" extension integration

If you have "Calendar!" extension from "Battle-System" installed, you can enable integration with it in the settings. When time reaches midnight, it will automatically increment the day in the calendar.


In case of any problems, feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

Source code

This extension is open-source, feel free to poke around on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!