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Marked! Quick Labeler

Can't find a token for the 'Sniffles' condition? Homebrew game has custom statuses that are harder to show on the fly? Marked can be used to setup custom text labels for your tokens for ease of access between you and your players.

General Information

The configuration of Marked! is done solely on the GM's end. Once labels are setup (And saved!), all players in the room will have access to apply them to tokens. By default, generic status conditions are added so that Marked can be used straight away with no setup. Feel free to add your own labels.

At the top, there are three buttons;

  1. Save. Save your changes (Which will update the menu on the tokens).
  2. Add. Add a new default label to be customized.
  3. Reset. Destroy all changes and set Marked! back to it's initial default conditions.

Then setting up a label has five properties;

  1. Active Checkbox. The only labels available to be applie d will be the ones with their Active box checked. (So uncheck to hide the availability of some labels.)
  2. Name. The name you want to show for the label. Use emojis to add a little flair.
  3. Group Number. The group number you want this label to show up in. Labels are divided amongst three categories for ease of use/sorting. (Set the group names at the top)
  4. Direction. The direction you want this label to appear from. Want all 'buffs' to appear on the left and all 'debuffs' to appear on the right? This is how.
  5. Color. The color of the text you want to use for the label.

color view

When you select the Marked button on the token menu, it will show your first category by default and also display the category toggle buttons below. Active labels will be highlighted in red. Click once to toggle on, click again to toggle off. You can also select a group of tokens and label them all at once, but it will not show the highlight status in the same way (As multiple tokens could have different states for their labels).

If you would like to delete a label, right click the label and confirm.


If you have questions, please join the Owlbear Rodeo Discord.