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Last Fable Extension

  • Be able to see your recent rolls for convenience
  • Damage and Accuracy computation with HR or no HR
  • Set your stat attribute for ease of checks by click each button
  • Even (light green) and Odd (Light blue) font color for Accuracy check for those who have counter attack
  • Chat with your friends, uses notifications to show messages as well even if its collapsed
  • Whisper to GM
  • calculator feature by prefixing = to your message. Example: =61-26
  • Message image by pasting the image URL between <> example (<https://image.website/image.gif>)
  • As GM you can use brackets [] [usernamehere] message here to whisper to a player or click the player name to whisper to player
  • As gm, you can type /clearchat to remove all messages

UI Kit

  • Use the UI kit to add more theme to your games!
  • Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MylP4_eH-fSpLs9FufgCIdCIPr__F4QH/view?usp=drive_link

Ultimate Fable Extension Support

  • If you want to gain the full feature of prepared actions and sending skills to chat, use this extension along with the Ultimate fable extension (character sheet extension for fabula ultima)


If you need support for this extension you can reach me in discord Alyx (username: alyx323) Special thanks to kirachi and xio for testing!