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Need to quickly turn that token the other way? Want to bind a druid and a bear token together so you can easily swap between them? Playing an isometric game and want some z-axis ordering? Lucky you.

General Information

No configuration necessary! What you see is what you get.

  1. Z-Axis Ordering. By default, based on a rough location of your token's 'bottom' - Flip will organize the depth so that lower tokens are shown in front. If your unit's bottom is a little awkward, Edit that token (or push Z) and change the center anchor to a more appropriate area.
  2. Flip It. On the context menu, for any token on the Character, Mount or Prop layer, click Flip It to have that token face the other direction.
  3. Bind It. Also on the context menu, whenever selecting two tokens on the Character, Mount or Prop Layer, you can bind them together so that when clicking 'Flip It!!' they will swap to their bound token.
  4. Flip It!!. Once two tokens have been found, this will allow you to swap between their sides.

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Notes: When Unbinding a bound token, it's partner will re-appear on the side. When deleting a bound token, it's partner will also be deleted. When Flipping!! a bound token, any attachments will be transferred over.


If you have questions, please join the Owlbear Rodeo Discord.