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dddice is an online, multiplayer 3D dice rolling platform!

Create custom 3D dice, or collect dice our community has made and then roll them wherever you are. Your phone, dddice.com, and now Owlbear Rodeo!

This extension embeds the normal dddice room interface into the Owlbear Rodeo extension pop over menu. All the features you have come to expect from your dice room can now float atop your favorite maps.

roll interface

Connect with your players wherever they want to roll from

Roll it on Owlbear Rodeo, and see the results in our stream overlays! Roll from your D&D Beyond or Pathbuilder 2e character sheet using our browser extension!

Create Custom Dice

You can create custom dice from our editor and they will show up right in your digital dice box. Share them with your friends (or your enemies, we don't judge).

Collect Dice Made By The Community

Add dice to your box from our digital dice shelf with thousands of community created dice that are ready to roll!

Connect With Us

dddice is built with our community in mind! We are extremely interested in your feedback. Interested in connecting with us?