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Does your campaign have ten moons that are hard to keep track of? Would you like the impending feeling of doom that every long rest your party takes inches them towards a future demise? Add a calendar to your campaign. You can toggle the current days forward/backward with the top buttons - or change the date completely via the configuration buttons. Toggling between months won't effect the current date, it just let's you look around.

General Information

  1. Customizable. Calendar! mimics the functionality of the DonJon calendar that it takes inspiration from. You can set the amount of months/days/moons as well as name them. The information is saved to your OBR room, so even when changing scenes the date will stay saved.
  2. Importing. You can import the JSON from a DonJon calendar straight into OBR, if you already have one and you'll be good to go immediately. No further setup necessary.


If you have questions, please join the Owlbear Rodeo Discord.